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Guided Beach Meditation

Meditation Script:

Sit in comfortable place and close your eyes. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you can open your eyes. This guided meditation will help you relax.

Take this moment to become aware of any distracting thoughts. Give yourself the permission to relax and unwind.

Take several long, deep breaths. Feel the cool air traveling through your nose and into your lungs. Feel the relaxation of your chest as you exhale. Let any thoughts drift away and let your mind settle.  Inhale deep and say “Let”. Exhale and say “Go”.

Inhale “let”. Exhale “go”. Inhale “let”. Exhale “go”.

You are walking past an open gate. The cool salty wind from the ocean gently kisses your face.  You slip your feet out of your sandals and take your first steps on the warm sand. The warm sand swims through your toes.  With each step on the warm sand, the tension in your body gently melts away.

The birds sing in joy as they fly above dancing in the wind. The clear crisp blue water wash over your feet. The gentle rhythm of the waves carry away any tension in your body. Slowly sinking into deep relaxation. The roaring sounds of the sea’s surf, the waves crashing over each other, calms your mind and allows you to feel even more relaxed.

As you walk along the shore, a beach towel catches your eye. You walk towards the beach towel and sit down. The soft fabric of the towel caresses your body. Your body settles into the grooves of the towel. You inhale deeply and breath out slowly. Your mind slowly sinking into the ocean horizon. Take this moment to relax your mind and body. Feel this moment with your body and allow yourself to relax.

When you feel ready gently open your eyes.


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Guided Metta Meditation Script

Listen to the audio version here:

Guided Metta Meditation
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Find an empty space in your home. Make sure you are in an area that has no distractions.

If you have any tasks that you need to complete, then take a moment to write them down. Allow yourself to enjoy a moment of peace.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.

Inhale deep into your stomach.

Exhale out through your mouth.

Inhale and say the word “let “

Exhale and say the word “go”

Inhale “let”, Exhale “go”

Feel the air s-l-o-w-l-y flowing in through your nostrils, your stomach r-i-s-i-n-g… and s-l-o-w-l-y falling as you exhale through your mouth.

Your mind will start to slowly follow the rhythm of the breath. Let go of any problems or worries that are floating in your head.

Now you may wish to repeat the following affirmations or say them silently in your mind

I am strong, confident and kind

I am a caring and loving person.

I am always compassionate and love myself.

I appreciate all the help my friends and family have given me.

I am a person of integrity. I am true to myself.

I am a very understanding person.

Being compassionate helps me to be a more peaceful, happy person.

Every day I am becoming more and more considerate of others.

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Guided Meditation Script for Self Belief

Relax your body and listen to the positive affirmations for success. You may wish to repeat the affirmations out loud or gently repeat them in your mind silently. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and breathe gently.


I’m an abundant individual.

I draw abundance to myself today and each day.

I receive, and am open to all the abundance that comes

I constantly receive gifts from the universe.

Everything I do is successful.

I focus all my energy into my efforts and disregard the outcome.

I attract positive and successful minded people who help me reach my goals.

My life is filled with successful people including myself.

I am very fortunate to do something I love.

I face all my challenges with the best possible attitude.

There is no challenge or problem I can’t solve.

I am confident in who I am and what I do. I believe in my ability to conquer any problems.

Whenever there is a problem, I say “How can I solve it”? instead of saying “I can’t solve it”.

I believe in myself.

Take this moment to reflect on all the past success and overcoming any hardships.

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