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My trip to YeonYonsa Temple in Daegu, South Korea

Last weekend I had the great honor of visiting Yeonyeonsa Temple on the outskirts of Daegu, South Korea. The road was lined with cherry blossom trees that stood naked because of the weather. We drove bending and turning around mountains that overlooked the valley river.

We were greeted by a fellow who was extremely happy to meet us. His smile was larger than the vast landscape behind him. A warm sensation ran through my body as his smile quickly became contagious. The entrance fee was only 1,000 Won ($1 USD) for cars. There is an option to visit the temple for free but it requires a 30 – 45 min hike. I will do the hike next summer but because the weather was cold and limited time, we decided to opt for the drive.

The temples in Korea have a very peaceful blend of nature and beauty engrained in them. There are some temples that are in the city but the feeling of peace is soon bombarded by the hammering sound of city life. Amongst the mountains, one can meditate in silence and bring their mental awareness to the elements of nature.

The large and beautiful gate at the entry of the temple.

There was a small river flowing near the gate on the left hand side. The immediate sound of falling water when walking halted all my running thoughts. There is something about the sound of water that really brings me peace. As soon as I heard the sound, I had to find out where it was coming from.

The second temple on the left side of the mountain. Near the entrance on the left hand side, they have a small farm of bamboo trees (picture below).

Here is the entrance of the temple on the right hand side of the mountain. Past the bridge on the right hand side there is a small water bowl that collects water from the river. So fresh and delicious.

These little statues were lined up on the side of main temple. I am trying to find the Korean name for them. They represent a wish or a memorial for a loved one who has passed away.

Cute dog that was running around the temple. He had a loud bark but was very scared when our group approached him. He soon turned into a friendly dog after he saw our food.

The temple has a small farm that grows cabbage(Kimchi Season) and other vegetables. I only saw this because I was searching for the washroom.

Last but not least, here is me posing in front of the main temple. My friend was playing with his camera phone and took a quick b&w photo.
Yeonyonsa temple is smaller than the more popular temples in Daegu or South Korea but the remote location makes it perfect. The other temples are usually filled and packed with tourists on the weekends whereas these small gems that rest between the mountains are perfect.

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Simple Guided Meditation Video

Simple Guided Meditation - Relaxation
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Here is a video I just made to help guide visitors through their meditation. I made this guided meditation as a tool to help me but decided to put it online after much anxiety.

I hope this helps you guys.



Guided Self Affirmations for Meditation

Self Affirmation Meditation - Positive self talk
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An uplifting video I recorded with simple affirmations. Every night I listen to this as a way to help me center myself.

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Simple Meditation music. Zoee Harp

Relaxing Meditation Music
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Here is a great song I listen to while I meditate in the evenings.