Positive thinking techniques in Meditation

Positive thinking combined with great attitude helps you complete any challenge with comfort and ease. However, maintaining this attitude throughout your life gets difficult as more challenges erode your positivity away. Sometimes bad outcomes affect your mental attitude to be positive.

The amazing part of positive self talk, it’s under your control. It is a choice just like waking up or eating healthy food vs fatty food. You have the choice to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

Through time, people are defeated with the daily trials and tasks. I went through a rough patch from January to March whereby I was complaining about the smallest thing and not taking action to change. It ended up making some of my friendships sour and also my worklife. When I became aware of these thoughts, it became apparent of how my mind was affecting rest of my life. The choice I had made was to perpetuate my life in a negative cycle.

Mental Choice for Positive Attitude

There are two options; Negative or Positive. It is easy to choose the negative path because it is the role of the victim. The victim dwells on self pity and is always looking for sympathy from others. This attention seeking behavior spirals downwards until it is out of control. But positive thinking and affirmations permit your mind to gain strength through every situation. You can guard your mind with amazing tools and techniques that will become automatic responses to any negative situation.

Empty your mind

Our minds are consumed with bajillion of thoughts. Every second a new thought or task is going through your head. Even as you read this, you are probably wondering off. It’s natural and that is the process of the mind. This mental chatter conflicts with your ability to think positively. I remember some weeks where I had difficulty sleeping because my mind was pacing through the items I had to finish the next day.

To change your mental thoughts and attitude, you must empty the mind. Empty does not mean remove every single thought rather living with those thoughts. One of the best ways to empty your mind is through meditation.

Simple Meditation technique.

  1. Sit cross legged in a quiet and relaxed area.
  2. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Inhale deeply and focus on your belly. Try not to expand your chest.
  3. Exhale out through your mouth. You should hear a gasp at the end of it.
  4. Count all the different sounds you hear. How many birds are chirping? How many cars drove by? Can you hear the inhalation and exhalation breath?

This simple meditation technique focus’s your mind on external events. When you are in a bad thought your mind is subconsciously saying “I need to..” “I this”..”I that”… Each thought start with an “I”. It is this “I” self thought that consumes your energy towards negative thoughts. Removing yourself from this self talk pattern allows you to engage your mind externally without attachment. After doing this exercise for 5 minutes return to the problem with a better attitude.

Powerful Questions!

Our minds love to play the role of the victim. When situations worsen, our minds jumps to numerous negative self talk.

  • How could I be so dumb?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • If they didn’t treat me like this, then I would be able to XYZ
  • They hurt me so much

I have used just one question to help me combat every single negative situation and turn it into a positive one.

How can I make this situation better?

I learnt this when I stumbled across Dr. Robert Glover, No More Mr Nice Guy book. This simple question is extremely powerful because it places the responsibility on the person. As a victim, we are always directing our negative energy towards an external person, god or other things. This question reverses the blame on no one else but yourself because after all it is your decision to be happy or not. Moreover, this question enables you to take action. Taking action out of a bad situation helps you realize potential opportunities that might not have existed before. So next time when you are in a grind, ask your self How can I make this situation better? I hope it helps you to convert your negative thoughts to positive ones.

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