Theta Meditation

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.
- Plato

Recently I have come across an interesting way to meditate. It deals with the different frequencies of the brain and targets the frequency that helps you relax. This frequency is referred to as Theta wave.

I have been doing Theta meditation by listening to different music frequencies that triggers the theta waves in my brain.  It sounds strange at first, I was very reluctant to try the method. In my first attempts I was constantly questioning the validity of Theta meditation but as I let my mind relax and become more open, I was able to reach a deep state of relaxation.

Mental Waves

There are 2 brain waves that essentially deal with relaxation, deep sleep, REM cycles and dreams (read more here). One of them is Theta and the other is Alpha. Listening to music that triggers both waves will yield the same results of relaxation.

I am always performing one task after the other at work that keeps me very busy and stressed. I was looking for a way to relax at my desk. The quickest way is by closing my eyes and breathing. The problem was that my office had too many distractions and people constantly talking. So I put on my headphones and searched YouTube and found different types meditation music. The meditation music that activates the theta wave is called Holosync music. This is the music  I started to listen to at work whenever I wanted to take a 5 minutes break.

The Benefits of Theta Meditation

One of the primary benefits of Theta meditation, that is discussed often, is the increase in creativity it instill on a person. It also relates to how musicians can create such great music because they are surrounded by instruments that capitalize on different brain wave frequencies.

For me, I experienced my mind becoming more aware of its surroundings and remove judgment from certain situations. I felt as if I was merely watching the world go by without having any emotional attachment. This is how I was able to reach a state of peace and calm.

I would highly recommend listening to some Binaural beats during your meditation sessions. I am sure it will allow you to reach a deeper state of mind. Just make sure that you try to push aside any skeptical thoughts or questions that cross your mind.

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