Kill stress with Mindfulness Meditation

Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life – Danzae Pace

Lets be honest for one second. Our jobs are hectic. Jumping from one task to another so we can finish all our never-ending to-do lists. All of this never-ending work builds up a lot of stress.

Not managing stress properly leads to some serious problems such as high blood pressure, risk of a stroke and even heart disease. Lets not forget the mental illnesses that develop such as anxiety, fear, distrust and insecurity.

Stress at work can affect every one of us and in the U.S. alone, it is the cause of 60- 90% medical visits. This time is a huge cost to companies because stress takes time away from finishing projects and not to mention the loss of sick days.

Managing the killer Stress

A study conducted by a group of scientist at the University of Arizona, revealed that doing limited amounts of mindful meditation practice helps reduce stress and instill a positive state of mind.

What is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation technique has been around for a very long time. The point of mindful meditation is to focus the mind to be present in the moment. Not thinking about the past or worrying about it and not looking at the future. Being mindful helps reduce daily stress and instills inner peace.

You can enjoy the amazing benefits of mindful meditation anywhere and anytime. Mindfulness will become a part of your daily life as long as you create the habit of practicing it daily or weekly.

Mindfulness Meditation Relieves stress

Going further into the meaning of mindful, you soon realize that mindful extends to:

  1. Openness
  2. Concentration
  3. Control


Being present in the moment helps you expand your mind beyond mental limitations. Any reservations about any subject can be looked at with out passing any judgment. Not criticizing anything instead  letting the moment flow. This will open your heart and mind to new possibilities. Sometimes what you once thought to be a mistake or a problem will be viewed as an opportunity.

My first meditation practices always consisted of different judgmental thoughts.

  • “I can’t do this”
  • “How useless is it to sit here”
  • “I am so weak that I am doing this”

These thoughts would hook me into a negative cycle. I persevered and kept meditating. Couple of months later I was able to let all these thoughts drift by in my mind without getting hooked on them.


The basis of mindfulness stems from paying attention. To be mindful is to be focused and aware. The meditation practice itself requires extended period of time to focus only on the sensations of breathing.

Being focused on a particular task is increasingly becoming difficult in the modern world. With our constant emails, text messages and meetings, it becomes very hard to stay focused.

Finishing a simple task of reading a report or an article cannot be done without your mind itching to check the email or your phone. These are the habits that have built up over time in our corporate world that affect us.

Mindfulness combats these distractions by going back to the basics of doing nothing but breathing. Just breathing.

Quick Test

Stop doing every thing and close your eyes. Then focus on your breathing for 3 minutes. Focus your mind on the inhalation and exhalation. During this time count how many times your mind wandered off. Go ahead, I will wait.

Bet your mind wandered offmore than once.

Control/Will power

Stressful situations make us lose focus of what the actual problem is. Our mind’s become riddled with negative thoughts. These thoughts in turn just complicate the matter even more.

Mindfulness allows us to view the “reality” of the problem by helping us to let go of judgmental thoughts and any criticism. These thoughts merely become a momentary flame that diffuse in a second. This detachment helps you see the problem for what it actually is rather than what you “perceive” the problem to be.

A guided mindfulness meditation with Kabatt Zinn

Leave Stress behind through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple journey through the waters of your mind. Sometimes the boat that you travel on will face many hurricanes. These hurricanes will be dark, windy and the waves will swallow you whole. But Mindfulness will be the propeller that helps you push through the storms to beaming sun of hope and peace.

Stressful times will always take us to dark places that we do not want to go. It is our jobs to equip ourselves with the best weapons to help bring us back to balance.

What are some other killers tips I left out?